Transfer Knights

A small student group of the Transfer & Transition Services of University of Central Florida was in need of a website. This group of students help out and set up events for new transfer students to connect with others so we planned out the website accordingly. First, we incorporated a calendar for all new transfers to see where and when they can meet up with other students. Next, we took pictures to show other students what it's all about, and with time we continued to host events and take pictures with great success and many new students each time.

Creating a powerful logo and identity was very important, and because the UCF mascot is "Knightro" a Knight, we incorporated a shield and swords. This site generated a ton of traffic in just a few days, brand new to the system but there was a huge demand due to how big and popular the school had become. We marketed around the school with flyers and set up the proper keyword and SEO to rank high and Transfer Knights grew almost instantly.

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